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VIDEO: Turkey Breaks Into A Semi Truck — Sort Of Escapes

This turkey must've had higher aspirations than ending up on a Thanksgiving table, so it ...

VIDEO: Deep-Sea Food Fall Let’s Scientists See What Happens To Alligators On The Ocean Floor

In order to figure out what creatures would have eaten ancient creatures related to ...

VIDEO: Pheasant Faces Off Against A Grouse, Gets Scared And Runs Away

It turns out this pheasant couldn't back up its attempts to scare off a grouse. ...

VIDEO: Here’s How To Quickly Butcher A Turkey Right After A Hunt

Shooting the bird is only half the battle when hunting a turkey. Thanks to Mark Kenyon, ...

Bird Dog: Meet The Dog That Protects Planes — One Bird Chase At A Time

Being an Aviation Bird Dog can be a tough job, but for Piper, there's nowhere he'd ...

VIDEO: This Bird Is A Whirling Dervish Of Epic Moves On The Dance Floor

When it comes to attracting a mate, the Western Parotia doesn't hold anything back. ...

These Baby Foxes Know How To Make The Most Of A Snow Day

We could all learn a thing or two from these five baby foxes. They understand that when ...

Traditional Whale Hunt Carries On A 1,000-Year-Old Tradition

Winter means something different for the Inupiat of Alaska than it does for most. ...

Look Who’s Talking: Parrot Brothers Love Talking To One Another

Fabio and Gabriel sure do get along a lot better than we ever did with our siblings ...

How To Turn Your Property Into A Giant Buck Magnet

If you've found yourself wondering how you can turn your property into a buck hunters ...

Teen Fights Off A Bear With Bear Spray After It Pins Him To A Tree

They must raise people up different in Montana, because this teen fought off a grizzly ...

RECORD BREAKING: 17-Foot-Long Python Captured At Big Cypress National Preserve

A massive 17-foot-long female python was captured at Big Cypress National Preserve, ...

Sharks And Dolphins And Whales, Oh My! Every Fish In The Sea Gets In On This Epic Sardine Feeding

It's still insane to us how different the ocean can be, depending on which side of it ...

Not A Fan: Kangaroo Charges Paraglider Because It Hates Parachutes

Kangaroos can b way more aggressive than they appear to be at first glance. You'd ...
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