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VIDEO: Three Kids Catch a Massive Python in the River

We're not entirely sure why these kids are trying to catch a python from a murky river, but sure look like they're having fun doing it. The footage was captured in Cambodia and follows three friends as they walk to the river with baskets and machetes in hand and stumble upon a giant snake that ...

VIDEO: How the Experts Catch an Invasive Python

With the success of the Python Elimination Challenge in the Florida Everglades, it can seem like catching a python might be fairly straightforward once you actually find it. It turns out that's not the case at all. Finding the snake is only half the battle, which can be nearly impossible in many ...

Python Challenge Takes Out 10 Snakes in 10 Days

It looks like the South Florida Water Management District's Python Elimination Program is off to a great start after 10 Burmese pythons were eliminated in 10 days. With a combined length of almost 100 feet for all of the captured pythons, the hunters received almost $2,000 in cash for their hard ...

Girl Goes for a Swim With Pet Albino Burmese Python

A video of a young girl swimming with her pet albino burmese python is making the rounds again. I have a hard enough time spotting a small snake in the wild, much less swimming with a behemoth like this. The snake, named Sumatra, has been to hundreds of birthday parties and many schools. She's ...

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