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Can A Chicken Swim? Watch This Guy Find Out

If you've ever wondered if a chicken could swim — we can't say we've ever put much thought into it — then this guy and his chicken are here to help. He finds out pretty quick that they can't; at least, this one can't or refuses to. While they might not be able to swim, they can definitely ...

VIDEO: 11-Foot Gator Pulled From Swimming Pool

In Florida, if there's a body of water, there's a pretty good chance a gator will end up in it at some point — even swimming pools. A Sarasota County Sheriff's Deputy responded to a call at the end of last month about an alligator in a pool. When he arrived, he discovered an 11-foot-long gator ...

Girl Goes for a Swim With Pet Albino Burmese Python

A video of a young girl swimming with her pet albino burmese python is making the rounds again. I have a hard enough time spotting a small snake in the wild, much less swimming with a behemoth like this. The snake, named Sumatra, has been to hundreds of birthday parties and many schools. She's ...

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