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President Trump Recommends ‘Bump Stocks’ Be Banned

There's sure to be controversy over President Trump's recent recommendation to place a ban on bump stocks. Bump stocks are devices that allow a semi-automatic weapon to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. They first received widespread attention from the media after Stephen Paddock used bump ...

Man Revives Fish to Avoid Jail but Still Gets Arrested

After Fernando Pantoja was discovered using a castnet in the Indian River by an officer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, he knew he was in some serious trouble. However, when the officer told Pantoja to stop fishing and return to shore so he could inspect his cooler, ...

Hog Hunters Get Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped

Two Marlborough pig hunters have had animal cruelty charges for causing "unnecessary pain or distress" dropped by a reluctant judge. What they did wasn't technically illegal at the time, so there wasn't much of a choice. A Facebook video from 2014, which brought the charges against Tyson Wairau ...

Spotlight Poaching Brings these Hunters a 3-Year Ban

Scott Michael Blachly, 41, and Kevin Duane Neu, 40, were both recently banned from hunting for the next three years after pleading guilty to illegally using a spotlight to hunt deer on November 4. Blachly was also placed on probation for three years for using artificial light to help kill a ...

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