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Fishocalypse Now: It’s Raining Fish in Thailand?

If there's one thing that can turn an event grounded in reality into something of biblical plague proportions, it's the internet. An accident that left the streets of Thailand (as the video suggests) littered with fish quickly turned into something far wackier: ...

Monster 8.5 Foot 250 Pound Catfish Caught

Yuri Grisendi may have solved world hunger when he pulled this mammoth of a catfish out of the River Rhone in France. Weighing in at 250 lbs and 8 and a half feet long, this monster fish may have eaten everything else in the river. This "Jaws" of ...

Video: Woman Stabbed By Fish While Swimming in Ocean

A woman swimming at Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach on New Year’s Eve was 'stuck' in the leg by a fish. It appears to be a small catfish, but anyone that's ever been stuck by a catfish knows one thing - it's PAINFUL no matter the size of the fish. From the BC Videos YouTube page: "Here in Brazil ...

Angler Catches Near Biggest Fish in Tennessee History

Tyler Schmid caught one of the largest fish ever caught in Tennessee, a 90-pound blue catfish. Schmid and Dave Plowman were at their favorite fishing hole on the Cumberland River and had caught a few small fish, but nothing noteworthy when Schmid finally got a bite. After a ten minute fight in ...

“CatFishing” on the Warrior River

Two men gave new meaning to the phrase "catfishing" on Saturday in a video that has gone viral in just over 24-hours. They spotted the kittens off of a bank, and the kittens swam to Jason Frost and Brandon Key. They rescued the kittens while fishing on a boat in Alabama’s Black Warrior River.

Killer Catfish Hunt Pigeons

A population of catfish have been honing quite a remarkable hunting technique. These catfish have developed a way to catch and eat pigeons by partially coming out of the water. They are referred to as the "Freshwater Killer Whales". Watch these catfish eat pigeons.   Photos: 1.Catfish ...

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