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Lone Wolf Chases Family Car Down the Highway

A family recorded some incredible wildlife footage while driving through Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada. At some point during their drive, they noticed a lone grey wolf was chasing them and it didn't appear it had any intention of giving up. It's unclear why the wolf was so ...

Who Needs Rapids When You Can Go Drainage Ditch Kayaking?

Kayaks are the ultimate in versatile fun - you can take them almost anywhere there's water. These two dudes in British Columbia put their kayaks and themselves to the test when they decided to descend an over 800 meter drainage ditch in the Lions Bay area. Hitting speeds of 45 mph, this video isn't ...

Video: Seal vs Octopus – Fight to the Death

Seaside strollers were lucky to capture a struggle between a harbour seal and a giant Pacific octopus on camera as they stumbled upon the fight. Things got nasty as the fight progressed off Ogden Point in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - looking like the hard-fought battle could have gone ...

Coyote Attacks and Attacks and Attacks Some More

What would you do if a coyote would not leave you alone? Jeremy Frech video'd the most persistent, aggressive coyote ever caught on film. See why this video (Coyote Attack Best Footage Ever) has over a whopping six million views! From Jeremy's YouTube, "Wild Coyote trys to attack me. Video taken in ...

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