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True Story Behind Vicious Gator Attack on Golf Course

This set of photographs are going viral again, and they are 100% real. But, the story is wrong. They have been linked to an October 2009 incident in which a 10-foot alligator bit off the arm of a 77-year-old South Carolina golfer as the latter leaned over to retrieve his ball at a pond on the Ocean ...

Extreme Animal Attacks on Humans

With Revenant thrilling audiences across the world, and the brutally realistic bear fight scene, we're reminded of one thing -- it's entirely fake. The entire scene was done with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). This video is a compilation from Animal Planet of some of the most terrifying - real ...

Coyote Attacks and Attacks and Attacks Some More

What would you do if a coyote would not leave you alone? Jeremy Frech video'd the most persistent, aggressive coyote ever caught on film. See why this video (Coyote Attack Best Footage Ever) has over a whopping six million views! From Jeremy's YouTube, "Wild Coyote trys to attack me. Video taken in ...

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