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A Cobia Mele – Insane Fishing in Venice Louisiana

The Outdoors360 team took their yearly trip down to Venice Louisiana to visit their ...

The Top 10 World Record Catfish

The anglers on this list caught some gigantic species of catfish that definitely earned ...

Elementary School Launches Controversial Big Buck Photo Bulletin Board

The Maine school encourages young hunters to compete and win prizes for who bags the ...

What To Pack For A Guided Fishing Trip

You’ve chosen your next vacation destination, booked your flights, and arranged a guided ...

6 Easy Tips On How To Hike In The Snow Like A Boss

Here’s something surprising. Many people believe hiking is a sport that is best ...

Man Hits A Bass While Driving Down The Highway, Catches It In His Grill

Some people are just born to catch fish A Kansas man had the bizarre catch story of a ...

Major Loss: CEO Says Gun Policy Changes Cost Dick’s A ‘Quarter-Billion Dollars’

The loss is about what he anticipated, but that still has to sting It's been nearly ...

Snakehead Fish Found In Georgia, DNR Warns ‘Kill It Immediately’

The Invasive Snakehead Fish Is As Comfortable On Land As It Is In The Water Georgia ...

Wildlife Officials Warn Hunters About ‘Zombie’ Deer

The disease may not make 'zombie' deer eat brains because it's too busy eating theirs. ...

Forget The Pills! Doctor Prescribes The Outdoors To Improve Health

Spending time in nature is the side effect free way to be healthier and feel better ...

Camel Sits On Woman At Truck Stop Who Bites Its Testicles To Escape

This Florida woman takes sitting down for a bite to a whole new bizarre level A ...

Boat Captain Arrested After Killing Jet Skier While Going 73 MPH In No Wake Zone

The intoxicated captain had a child on board and was later charged with manslaughter ...

Florida Man Will Spend 10 Days In Jail After Dragging A Shark Behind Boat

Final man sentenced two years after dragging a shark to its death The third and final ...

Florida Man Buys 100 Generators For Hurricane Dorian Victims In The Bahamas

Anonymous good samaritan doing anything he can to help A Jacksonville man is making ...
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