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Filmmaker Rob Stewart Found Dead After Scuba Dive

U.S. Coast Guard confirmed on Friday that the body of Canadian filmmaker Robs Stewart, ...

Diver Fights Off Great White with Spear After it Nearly Bites His Foot Off

College student Tyler McQuillen had an encounter with a great white shark and managed to ...

‘GoFish Cam’ Offering Unique Opportunity to Invest in Company

If you haven't seen or heard of GoFish Cam yet, you need to! These guys are doing some ...

Man Gets Harpooned Through His Jaw on Fishing Trip

One fisherman is lucky to be alive after a very unlucky accident on a fishing trip in ...

16-Year-Old Miraculously Survives Fishing Accident After a Spear Goes Through His Brain

Getting shot in the head by anything is almost always a death sentence. But there are ...

The Best Underwater Photos of 2016 Are Absolutely Stunning

According to National Geographic, underwater photography isn't featured by them very ...

See 35,000-Pound Humpback Whale Nearly Swallow Scuba Diver

While out filming orcas, a scuba diver has a near death experience most people never have ...

Watch Angler Free Gaff Big Mahi Out of a Marina

Scott Johnston doesn't need a pole to catch a fish - at least, he didn't need one to ...

Monster ‘Hurricane Nicole Lobster’ Goes Viral After Hurricane Blows It In

Captain Matthew Jones' crew from the Sanctuary Marine Bermuda showed off a 14 pound ...

The World’s First Underwater Nightclub Goes Viral Because Why Not

The world's first underwater nightclub raises as many questions as it is ...

Photographer Chronicles The Last Days Of Real Life Mermaids, The Haenyo

Mermaids exist, but probably not in the way you think. Haenyo (women divers or "sea ...

Diver Killed By Stingray He Was Transferring To New Aquarium

Head diver, Phillip Chan, 62, was killed by a stingray in a freak accident while removing ...

Fishermen Miraculously Find 4 Men Floating With Cooler 23 Miles Off Florida Coast

Dean Brodley has been spearfishing for 25 years, but he's never seen anything like this. ...

Glock Hunt Underwater – The Rest of the Story: FWC, Feds, Automatic Rifles, and More Outdoors360's Courtland Hunt caught more ...
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