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Beginner to Intermediate Guide to Deer Hunting

The first thing to consider as you go deer hunting is your choice of weapon.

Elementary School Launches Controversial Big Buck Photo Bulletin Board

The Maine school encourages young hunters to compete and win prizes for who bags the ...

Goliath Found: Largest Wild Buck Ever Recorded Caught On Camera

This massive wild buck will keep you up at night There's a good chance your trophy ...

Wildlife Officials Warn Hunters About ‘Zombie’ Deer

The disease may not make 'zombie' deer eat brains because it's too busy eating theirs. ...

Hunters With Shotguns Can Go After Pythons In The Everglades

Time to bring in the big guns A new initiative in the Florida Everglades will let ...

4 Tips to get the most from Your Guided Duck Hunt

In magazines filled with page after page of successful trips, it's sometimes easy to get ...

Trump Administration Planning 1.4 Million Acre Expansion Of Hunting And Fishing In Wildlife Refuges

The plan affects 74 national wildlife refuges The Trump administration announced they ...

Five most common ways to hunt wild hogs in Texas

long after deer season in search of wild hogs. Here is how to make your hog hunting trip ...

Hunter Bags Bizarre “Franken-Turkey” With Bone And Feathers Growing From Its Head

You don't want this gobbler on your Thanksgiving table Frankenstein may be ...

Three Men Sentenced After Illegal Mountain Lion Hunt In Yellowstone National Park

An illegal hunt in Yellowstone National Park landed three men in federal court after ...

President Jimmy Carter Bags A Big Wild Turkey At 94-Years-Old

Age is nothing but a number for President Jimmy Carter. He hasn't let anything slow him ...

Watch Hunters Help A Trapped Elk Out Of A Mud Pit

Hunting isn't always about taking something from nature. At times, it can be about ...

VIDEO: Here’s How To Quickly Butcher A Turkey Right After A Hunt

Shooting the bird is only half the battle when hunting a turkey. Thanks to Mark Kenyon, ...

How To Turn Your Property Into A Giant Buck Magnet

If you've found yourself wondering how you can turn your property into a buck hunters ...
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