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VIDEO: Superbiker Shows Off Incredible Skills After Avoiding a High-Speed Wreck

James 'Dynamite' Hillier may have just made the most epic recovery we've ever witnessed ...

VIDEO: Guy Builds a Giant Mousetrap to Kill Raccoons, Crushes Everything Else Instead

Whoever said there's strength in numbers clearly never had any idea someone would build a ...

4-Year-Old Motorcycle Baby Biker Has Insane Skills

Tima Kuleshov ins't like most 4-year-olds. Instead of playing with toy motorcycles like ...

Extreme Tractor Plowing is the Most Intense Race We’ve Seen!

Plowing a field at a safe and normal pace is boring, so these guys decided to turn field ...

This Russian Made 8WD is the King of Tearing Up Trails

The Russians sure know how to make one heck of an all-terrain vehicle. From ...

See the Incredible World’s Largest ‘Indoor Ocean’ Courtesy of the U.S. Navy

At 240 feet wide and 360 feet long, the MASK (Maneuvering and Seakeeping) - the U.S. ...

Viral Video : Guy Saves His Dog Seconds Before His Truck Flips in a Pond

We aren't saying this was a good idea, but it's something! Matthew Malcolm (the guy in ...

Custom, Massive ‘Human Drone’ Sends YouTube Star Flying Through the Sky

There isn't a drone on the market that can lift a person, so Casey Neistat had one built ...

Forget a Tow Truck, This Ship Pulls a Stuck Truck Out of the Mud

Tow trucks are nice and all and they certainly can come in handy. But some situations - ...

1947 Douglas C-47 Wreckage Recovered Almost 70-years Later

It's taken nearly 70 years, but an American Douglas C-47, which was flown by Soviet ...

Massive Smallmouth Bass Caught Using Drone

Drone fishing seems to become more of a thing everyday, and for good reason - it's ...

Carbon Fiber Twin 1,550HP Speed Machine Reaches 153 MPH In First Trial At Sea

The brand new carbon fiber Outerlimits SV 50 is a beast in the water. It recently had its ...

Truck Vs Tug Boat: Who Will Win This Tug of War?

A battle between a 500 horsepower truck and a 900 horsepower tugboat may seem pretty ...

Guy Puts Freakishly Powered Motorcycle Engine In Jet Ski, Turn It Into A Rocket

If anyone ever wondered what a jet ski would be like if it had a rocket engine in it, ...
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