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VIDEO: Guy Guns Down Multiple Swimming Boar From A Boat

We're all for taking care of wild hog problems where they're a nuisance, but at least ...

Massive Waves And 120 MPH Winds Can Take The Fun Out Of Cruise Ships

Those all you can eat dinners on cruise ships tend to lose their excitement when they're ...

Forget Horsepower! This Bull Moose Keeping Up With A Motorboat Shows Moosepower Is The Way To Go

Everything is a little more extreme in Alaska; especially nature. A bull moose isn't ...

Watch This Out Of Control Ferry Slam Into A Pier

Black Friday became a lot more memorable for the passengers aboard the Golden Gate Ferry ...

Red Bull’s Dinghy Derby Is The Craziest Race You’ve Ever Seen!

Dinghies aren't typically known for their usefulness in extreme sports. They're generally ...

VIDEO: It’s Every Boat For Itself And A Storm Of Nets When These Fishermen Take Off

These commercial fishermen must be masters of navigation and net control to not crash ...

The Surfer Boat Solves Your Group Surfing Dilemmas

If you ever find yourself and a group of buddies wanting to hit up some waves together ...

Watch Three Orcas Chase After A Fishing Boat

A group of fishermen were in for the show of a lifetime when a pod of orcas decided to ...

Tiger Shark Strips Tuna Right To The Bone Off Anglers Line

A group of fishermen reeled in a bizarre catch after hooking a Bluefin tuna off the coast ...

Dolphins Swim In Boat’s Wake And One Ends Up Jumping On Board

What're the odds of a dolphin jumping into your boat while running full throttle? ...

Watch A Seal Fling An Octopus Right At A Kayaker’s Face

A group of friends was out testing their GoPro on a kayaking trip when they caught some ...

VIDEO: See Through Canoe Gets Stuck On Alligators Back

The See Through Canoe Company had one heck of an experience when they temporarily got ...

VIDEO: Whale Breaches Right On The Side Of A Boat, Scraping Barnacles Off In The Process

A whale watching group got a lot more than they bargained for when they got a little too ...

VIDEO: Keep Your Hull Clean With The BIGWASH Drive-In Boat Washer

Cleaning your boat just got a heck of a lot easier thanks to the BIGWASH drive-in boat ...
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