The Scrooser is actually pretty darn awesome. This scooter has clean looks, thanks to a minimalistic design and a power system that’s tucked away, so it looks like a beefed-up version of those scooters that took America by storm in the early 2000’s.

To be clear, if the Razor peaked in high school with a football state championship, then the Scrooser went all the way and brought home a Super Bowl ring – and the price shows. At a price just north of $5,000, the Scrooser is certainly and investment for what it is – a push scooter that isn’t for high-speed use.

It’s meant for use on sidewalks, private and public streets. Powered by a 36-volt, 500-watt, Lithium-ion battery – fully chargeable in 2.5-4 hours – it’s good for up to 34 miles on a single charge. It can also hit speeds of either 3.7, 12.4 or 15.5 miles per hour, depending on how it’s set up.

Lower speed models require a leg push every 100 feet or so and they accelerate relative to how hard you push off. Faster configurations are controlled by a hand throttle.

All this being said, it’s not for everyone, If you’re looking for faster commutes then a traditional moped (which can be bought for much cheaper than the Scrooser) may be the way to go. But if you live in a city, chances are this could be beneficial in getting around quickly without the need to ever worry about buying gas.

The awesome thing about the Scrooser for many of us (especially those who want to relive our glory days of riding a scooter) is that its creation will lead to similar concepts at a more affordable price.

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