Baby Sea Turtles

Everyone loves sea turtles. Especially baby sea turtles. But, did you know only an estimated one in 1,000 to 10,000 will survive to adulthood.

In the case of these baby turtles they found their way into to path of a very hungry 8-pound mangrove snapper. Chaz Anderson caught and cleaned the big snapper, and when he opened the fishes stomach found the surprise.


In nature, sea turtles face a host of life and death obstacles to their survival. Predators such as raccoons, crabs and ants raid eggs and hatchlings still in the nest. Once they emerge, hatchlings make bite-sized meals for birds, crabs and a host of predators in the ocean. After reaching adulthood, sea turtles are relatively immune to predation, except for the occasional shark attack.

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