Sonny Schindler recently discovered something very concerning in the stomach of a fish he recently caught.

Image: Wide Open Spaces

Image: @BassBlaster

A fishing captain from Mississippi, Schindler has seen his fair share of strange things inside the stomachs of fish. However, in this particular fish, he discovered a water bottle the size of a fist.

It’s unclear how the fish managed to swallow the bottle, much less keep eating after it consumed it. That’s right – it kept eating even after swallowing the bottle.

Schindler’s thoughts on the matter are simple: Keep your trash in a sealed compartment.


The strange discovery is discussed in detail over at Clarion-Ledger by Sonny Schindler:


“Back at the dock, we found one of the most amazing and disturbing things inside one of the reds. We almost always check the stomachs of the fish we catch, just to see what they chewing on. Well… one of the smaller bull’s stomachs was about to pop. With Capt. Matt and the Sauciers at my side, I pulled a freaking PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE out of the red’s stomach. It was a 12 oz. bottle that had been crushed with the cap back on. I have no theories or explanations, only a remedy. Keep your trash in a sealed compartment. Fish seemed to be in good shape, but I don’t know how long that bottle was in there. Glad we caught him, no way that guy was gonna digest that thing.”

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