Regardless of how you feel about Greenpeace, they just filmed a video that will open everyone’s eyes. They followed the largest tuna vessel on the planet over 1,000 miles, and showed just how many tuna can be harvested by this floating fish factory. With their massive seine nets they can capture 6,613,868-pounds of tuna per trip. That’s twice the entire annual catch of some Pacific island countries.

For some background on the YouTube video: “We chased it for 5 days, but as dawn broke over the Pacific this morning we finally confronted the biggest tuna fishing vessel in the world. The Spanish-owned and flagged tuna purse seiner “Albatun Tres” is known as a ‘super, super seiner’ and can net 3,000 tonnes of tuna in a single fishing trip. This is almost double the entire annual catch of some Pacific island countries.”

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