The worst part about planning any extended off-road exploration, where conditions could change at a moments notice, is not having the proper vehicle that will handle any situation you come across. EarthRoamer, a Colorado-based builder of custom off-road expedition vehicles, just took away any worries you might have by building the ultimate vehicle for all your outdoor adventures.

Dubbed the EarthRoamer XV-LT (Expedition Vehicle-Luxury Terrain), these turbo diesel monsters are based on a four-wheel drive Ford F-550 chassis. There are currently two models built from either a SuperCab or a Crew Cab, which are the XV-LT and the XV-LT Stretch (LTS), which is 24-inches longer in the camper than the LT.

Thanks to a built-in camper with solar power panels on the roof-top, the EarthRoamer is basically a drivable 5-star hotel that promises total self-containment. No matter where you want to go, you’ll have what you need.

They’re able to carry anywhere from two to eight people, depending on the configuration. This isn’t your typical off-grid motorhome. Nothing was skimped on and the price reflects that. With an XV-LTS ranging from $438,00 to $575,000 and requiring a 10 to 12 month wait, you’d better start saving your pennies or winning the lottery.

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