A woman was arrested on Friday in Longmont, Colorado after an encounter with a squirrel resulted in her pulling a pellet gun on it outside a coffee shop.

Kylie Morrison, 31, was cited for disorderly conduct after brandishing the weapon and attempting to fire it several times — there’s just one catch.

“She had no pellets,” says LPD Sgt. Joel Post.

According to the police report, Morrison was acting strangely — no surprises there — before she attempted to gun down a squirrel. Witnesses say it seemed like she was “high on something” when she entered the coffee shop. She briefly sat inside and started talking to herself before she moved outside and started throwing items at a nearby squirrel.

Before the gun was pulled, a witness was attempting to coax the squirrel away from Morrison, but immediately where she was when the gun was pulled.


This wasn’t Morrison’s first brush with the law but it was her first time trying to gun down a squirrel on the sidewalk

Morrison’s criminal record includes felony arrests for theft, vehicle theft, identity theft, trespassing and eluding, as well as DUI and drug charges.

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