Marnie Robinson was having her morning coffee when she heard screeches that she described as sounding “like a catfight,” outside her home in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

When she found the source of the noise, she realized she was pretty spot-on in her assumption.

The noise was coming from a cougar that was mauling a deer. As soon as she spotted the cougar, it fixed its gaze on her.

“Such a beautiful animal – I thought I’d better get my good camera,” Robinson said.

She quickly ran and grabbed her camera and began snapping photos through her window.


“I watched through my kitchen window, about 40 to 50 feet away,” she said. “The cougar was so calm. It barely moved, except for its tail wagging.”

Posted by Marnie Robinson on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Nature at its finest.

“Once the cougar noticed me, it wouldn’t take its eyes off of me. Until it dragged its kill into our back bushes. It was unbelievable.”

Although she has seen deer and bear in her backyard before, this is the first time a cougar has shown up.

“It’s not uncommon but for someone to actually see and photograph and video an actual hunt, yes. They’re nocturnal, they don’t usually come out during the day so this is kind of a rare occurrence.”

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