Being hit in the face is never fun. It’s probably one hundred times worse when the person gets hit in the face by a five-pound catfish that mysteriously fell from the sky. It’s a bizarre incident that Philadelphia woman, Lisa Lobree, will never forget after she was left stunned and disgusted after being smacked in the face by a surprise catfish.

Lobree was headed to a fitness class in Fairmount Park when she got hit by something from above after she heard rustling in the tree above her. She was walking near the city’s art museum when her catfish assailant smacked her in there face.

“I think it might have been head, face, and neck, because I smelled so bad afterwards,” Lobree said. “I smelled disgusting.”

She was with her friend, Annie, at the time of the catfish encounter.

“It bounced off Annie,” Lobree continued. “Annie sees me go down, turns around, looks and goes, ‘Oh my God! It was a fish!”


Image: cbsnews.com

Who’s the culprit most likely responsible for the “attack”? Lobree and her friends believe a bird must have dropped its lunch while flying by overhead – they spotted one flying away after she was hit by the fish.

Lobber suffered minor injuries, consisting of a small cut on her face and swelling.

“It was not a fun experience, but there so many worse things that could’ve happened. It’s probably one of the strangest things that have happened to me in my life,” she said. “I think it’s just nice it’s giving people a good story to laugh at.”

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