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Watch Solo Kayaker Catch 450-Pound Black Marlin

When Adam Fisk’s live-bait rod went off while he was hooking broomtail grouper and big jack crevalle, he had no idea he had just hooked an absolute monster.

He had initially put out a small bigeye trevally he had caught earlier in the day in the hopes of catching a roosterfish. He didn’t end up with a roosterfish, but he did hook a massive black marlin.

Fisk realized he was in for a fight as the fish cleared the water and pulled his kayak as he got pulled out to deeper waters. In total, he fought the fish in a four-hour battle and had been towed for 10 miles.

He leadered the fish before dark right before dark before releasing it. At 450-pounds, it’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, marlin ever caught and released by an unaided kayak angler.

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