Not your average game of hide-and-seek

A game of peekaboo isn’t typically the kind of thing that’s going to be able to go viral — until it’s between a deputy and the bear he caught red-handed.

A deputy with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office in California was responding to a call at a Tahoe City Shell gas station when he stumbled across some overturned trash bins.

It didn’t exactly take much detective work to realize what was going on; especially since the bear couldn’t help but stick its head up to look at the deputy when he called out.

“Hey! I see you!” the deputy says, causing the bear to peek over the garbage cans. “Yeah, you! What’re you doing, buddy?”

Peekaboo! I see you!

The sheriff’s office posted the video to their Facebook page and it’s been a hit, to say the least.

Fluffy and dangerous

While it’s an undeniably funny and cute interaction, that doesn’t mean we’re dealing with a teddy bear here. The team over at the Placer County Sheriff’s Office realize that and wanted to remind everyone for their own safety, so they reminded everyone just to be sure:

“This is prime time for bears to come out of hibernation in search of food, and they’re not shy about getting into your homes, cars, garbage cans, you name it!”

“Friendly tip: please don’t engage the bears — they may look cute and fluffy, but they have real instincts!”

That bear might look like it wants to play, but its idea of playing probably wouldn’t end well for anyone that ventured too close.

So, the next time you stumble across a bear that looks like it really wants you to play with it while it’s digging through trash or doing anything else, just don’t do it. Even if it does look super friendly.

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