How far would you go to try and put a stop to a group of protesters causing a scene outside your place of business?

For chef Michael Hunter, he decided he’d butcher the leg of a deer at the front window of his restaurant and in front of the vegans who were protesting his “murderous ways” outside his restaurant, (appropriately named) Antler.

Apparently, the protest started after local dog walker and vegan activist, Marni Ugar, assembled a group to harass people at the restaurant after they wrote a message on their chalkboard sign that read “Vension is the new kale.”

Once Hunter butchered the deer, he headed back to the kitchen and returned half an hour later with a cooked venison steak, which he proceeded to eat in front of the activists.

“We were obviously getting to him,” Ugar said, “because we’re impacting his business by standing on the sidewalk. I assume — I actually can’t know — this was his way of getting revenge on us.”


We’d say he’s getting to them more than they’re getting to him.

“We are operating business as usual,” Hunter said. “Our identity as a restaurant is well known throughout the city as is our ethical farming and foraging initiatives.”

If someone wants to not eat meat or any product associated with an animal, that’s fine. But just because someone decides they don’t want to ever feel the joy of eating a perfectly cooked piece of venison, beef, pork, fish or chicken doesn’t mean they have to make it their life mission to ruin it for everyone else.

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