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Watch A .50 BMG Sweep This Woman Right Off Her Feet

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This woman might have gotten a little more rifle than she could handle when she decided to fire a .50-Cal. BMG at the range.

Unfortunately for the woman, she doesn’t set herself up for success when taking the shot. From the getgo, she uses her leg to prop herself up to get a better hold on the gun. With only one leg on the ground, she doesn’t have much hope of successfully absorbing the impact of the recoil.

As soon as she fires the gun she slowly begins to tip backward as she loses her balance and falls off the bench. The good thing is that she did a great job of not letting the rifle hit the ground.

Just remember — never handle a gun you don’t feel fully comfortable in firing. Otherwise, you could end up flat on your back and in need of a new gun range!

First Federal Bank of Florida

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