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What’s Inside A Yeti Cooler? This Father And Son Cut One Open To Find Out!

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a Yeti so different from other coolers, but haven’t wanted to actually cut yours open, then here’s your chance to find out!

With recent backlash toward Yeti from a lot of their customers, we’ve all seen the inside of a Yeti, but What’s Inside? gives us a cleaner, less angry look.

After cutting open and comparing a $400 cooler vs $50 cooler, you’d think there’d be a bigger difference. Besides thicker plastic and a heavier insulated lid, there really isn’t a huge difference. This isn’t to say a Yeti cooler doesn’t do a great job at keeping things cold, you’d just think thicker plastic and a little more insulation wouldn’t cause the price to increase by 800 percent.

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