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Waterpark Wave Pool Malfunction Creates Tsunami, Injures Dozens

Malfunction shows wave pools are WAY better at living up to their name than we gave them credit for

A mechanical malfunction at a Chinese waterpark took the fun out of the sun and landed dozens of visitors in the hospital.

Viral video footage shows tsunami-like waves crushing everyone in their path at Yulong Shuiyan Water Amusement Park in Longjing, China.

The incident can be seen below as the massive wave annihilates everyone in its path, throwing them onto the concrete:

Initially, the footage went viral and made claims that a waterpark employee got drunk and turned the wave pool to max power. An employee sloshing people around after getting sloshed makes for an interesting story, but that’s not the case.

“Online rumors say that a worker wrongly operated the controls, but in reality, it was a problem with the equipment,” a park official stated.

No alcohol need for this mechanical wave pool nightmare

We always wished for something like this to happen at the wave pool when we were kids.

Thinking the waves would be way better if they were way bigger sounded like a good idea.

It wasn’t. Clearly.

At least 44 people were injured as a result of the malfunction, according to the Associated Press.

This wave’s here to show up the ocean

The park is currently closed and under investigation after the incident.

“According to the initial stages of the investigation, the incident was caused by a power cut that damaged electronic equipment in the tsunami pool control room, which led to the waves in the tsunami pool becoming too big and injuring people,” stated a notice from the Longjing city government.

Five people were still being treated for injuries at the hospital when the notice was posted.

It’s incredible that it didn’t injure more than it did.

We’ll definitely have a new respect and fear for wave pools the next time we visit a waterpark.

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