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Watch Wingsuit Pilot Slam into Tree Mid-Flight, Miraculously Survives

Wing suits are incredibly dangerous. At any given time, one tiny mistake can cost the pilot everything. When a mistake sends the pilot hurtling into a tree at over 90mph, they don’t survive, but  Eric Dossantos did.

The video below show what looks like the end Dossantos’s life, but he miraculously lived:

Dossantos was able to live out a dream of his and fly his wing suit down a mountain in Chamonix, France. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for the base jumper.

A friend of Eric’s set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise money for his medical expenses.

“Eric flew through a tree going over 90 mph, he should have died, but for the [sic] lack of a better word, it’s a MIRACLE he’s still with us,” wrote Eric’s friend, Mathias Ringstrom.

“His injuries were “only” left scapula fracture, left acromian fracture, left neck abrasion, left clavicle fracture, 3 left side rib fractures, left hemopneumothorax, grade 1, liver laceration, head trauma, multiple scalp lacerations,” Ringstrom continued.

An active duty member of the military, Dossantos will luckily be taken care of by the military for most of his expenses. His friend is just looking to help him cover any additional costs.




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