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Watch This Out Of Control Ferry Slam Into A Pier

Black Friday became a lot more memorable for the passengers aboard the Golden Gate Ferry and the onlookers who witnessed it crashing into a pier.

It’s clear to everyone from the beginning of the clip that the ferry is headed for disaster, based on how fast it approaches the dock.

“The captain– there was nothing over the intercom and you would think that they would have honked a horn or anything to give people a heads up,” said Jack Wahl, a passenger on the ferry.

“We were joking about we’re going way too fast to be coming into this and immediately after we stopped joking about it, we smashed into the first piling and we deflect into the actual port itself,” said passenger Gavin Martz.

Fortunately, of the 53 passengers on board, only two people reported having minor injuries.

The US Coase Guard is investigating the incident and will determine how fast the boat was going before the crash.

The captain of the ferry says the crash was a result of technical failure.


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