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VIDEO: Rescued Raccoon Grows Up And Thinks She’s A Dog

After falling out of a tree and being abandoned by her mom, this raccoon named Pumpkin got a second chance after a family took her in. They slowly nursed the one-month-old raccoon back to health and had plenty of TLC from the family dogs.

It turns out that Pumpkin didn’t just hang out with the dogs, she started to think she was one. Now she’s more likely to be found running around the yard or playing with her fellow puppies than rummaging through a garbage can in the middle of the night.

Raccoon Grows Up Thinking She's A Dog

This feisty little raccoon fell out of a tree when she was just a baby. She got taken in by a family with dogs, and now she's pretty sure she’s a dog too! Today on Odd Couples, watch these siblings do everything together – from wrestling to snuggling on the couch ❤️

Posted by Odd Couples on Thursday, October 19, 2017

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