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VIDEO: High-Flying Mountain Bike Crash Looks Awful From Every Angle

Nicoli Rogatkin must have nine lives or a seriously stressed out guardian angel, judging from this nasty looking mountain bike crash.

Everything looks like it’s going pretty good as Rogatkin tears down a narrow mountain ridge that looks like it could crumble underneath his tires at any second. He’s nailing all his landings and making his transitions — until he doesn’t.

It looks like his bike hits some traction or a rock and ends up sliding out from under him as he plummets 100-feet or so down the side of the mountain he was just riding down.

Regardless of watching it from our point of view or his, it looks like a crash that should have killed or seriously injured anyone involved. But Rogatkin not only survived, but he also got back on his bike and finished his ride!

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