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VIDEO: Epic Hot Wheels Race Hits You With a Heavy Dose of Nostalgia

Never has one video filled us with so much pure unadulterated joy. If you happened to grow up within the last several decades, this epic Hot Wheels race is sure to take you right back to Saturday mornings as a kid. Back to when all you had to worry about was what cartoons you needed to tune into and which one of your favorite heroes you were going to dress up as when you saved the world from whatever villain or catastrophe was on todays agenda.

The time and dedication that obviously went into creating such an elaborate race that spans everywhere from a mouse hole, to the roof and  underwater is truly awesome. All of this epicness is only further topped off with an aw inspiring slow motion explosion jump that’d make even them Duke boys jealous.

This isn’t just the greatest Hot Wheels race ever, it may be the single greatest race to ever happen.

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