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VIDEO: Elephant Charges And Rams A Boat Full Of Tourists

A day on a river-safari nearly turned into a deadly situation when an elephant took issue with the boat getting too close.

“We were driving on the river, looking out for wildlife, when we came across a bunch of boats circling around an elephant wading in the river,” said Su-an Marais, a radio and TV presenter on board. “We slowed down and shut off the engine so it wouldn’t bother the elephant. The Chobe-river was in full flood and the strong current pulled us very close to the elephant.”

Luckily for everyone on board, the guide knew exactly what to do when the elephant got too close.

“We were very scared when the bull came charging and we didn’t hear the engine start to drive away, but our experienced guide knew better.”

It’s a good thing the angry bull lost interest after he pushed the boat away, otherwise, this could’ve ended badly for everyone involved.

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