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VIDEO: Black Bear Joins Hunter In Treestand During His First Bear Hunt

When hunting it’s best to expect the unexpected. That’s especially true when hunting black bears.

One young hunter found that out firsthand on a recent bear hunt. It was also his first bear hunt.

Footage shows a black bear climbing its way up to 14-year-old Davin Grunrow. Luckily for Grunrow, even though this was his first experience with a bear, his friend, Mark White, has been doing it for 45 years.

Thanks to White’s advice, Grunrow was able to remain calm and stay safe during the entire experience.

For those of you who haven’t see this video. Our good friend Mark White had a close encounter with a nice sized black bear! ? such an intense moment that is now going viral! #780outdoors⬇️WATCH HERE!!!⬇️

Posted by 780outdoors on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It couldn’t have been easy!

“We always know, when we go in the stand, if a bear comes up the tree, stay calm,” White said.

“He learned everything that night that I could possibly teach him,” he continued.

It’s a good thing Grunrow is apparently a quick learner because things could’ve taken a turn had he not been!

“It was something that could have gone terribly wrong, but didn’t,” White said.

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