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VIDEO: Black Bear Drags Hunters Deer Away He Had Just Shot

Imagine you just shot a nice 6-point buck after having spent hours behind a pop-up blind. You’re excited because your patience paid off and now it’s time to retrieve your prize.

The only thing is, you aren’t the only one that thinks the deer is there’s for the taking. There’s a black bear that has decided to stake his claim on the deer and take it for their own.

That’s what happened to John Wardynski after he downed a deer and spotted a black bear that started dragging it away as he was approaching it. Apparently, shouting at the bear that it’s taking your deer isn’t going to make the bear care one way or the other that it’s taking the payoff of someone else’s hard work.

From Wardynski’s Facebook:

“I have a Michigan black bear encounter story that is hard to believe but true.

Have you ever heard of a Michigan black bear dragging a whitetail deer away? Here’s my iPhone video showing my bear encounter.

November 16th, hunting in Alcona County, I made a clean shot on a nice 6 point. I walked down my shooting lane to check the spot where I shot my buck. Turning to see the line of site of my shot, there was a bear standing next to my pop up blind.

The bear came down the ridge, then proceeded to parallel me as I walked my blood trail. Thought it was pretty cool to see a bear that close, so I started videoing with my iPhone. After walking 20 yards of so I realized that the bear was heading to my deer.

Several times I tried shouting, whistling, breaking brush. She would not leave.

At one point she was 35-40 from me. Backing away a few yards, still videoing, I could see the bear standing on a log over my deer. Tried again to get her to leave but came towards me.

Backed out again to a side trail where I watched her dragging my deer over logs deeper in the woods. Not sure if she dragged the deer to her den or somewhere to cover it. Would really like to recover my antlers but will give her space.

Been deer hunting for 50+ years never witnessed anything like this.

(My apologies for the video quality. When I uploaded it to Facebook they posted it at a lower resolution. My original video is 1080p)”

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