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Kid Brings Dead Squirrel To School So He Can Eat It

When Ladye Hobson got a call from the principal of her 8-year-old son’s school, she had no idea the story she was in for.

Hobson’s son, who attends Gatgewood Elementary in Oklahoma City, had a special surprise in his backpack for family dinner – a dead squirrel. The boys teacher found the squirrel and sent him to the principals office, where Hobson got the call. Luckily the principal found the whole incident to be hilarious.

The reason the boy thought the squirrel would be good for dinner is because his father occasionally made jokes about eating squirrel dumplings for dinner. It’s hard to find fault in an 8-year-old who just wants his family to have what they want.

The boy most likely found the dead squirrel on his way to school and realized he’d found his golden opportunity to help his father deliver on the dinner he’d been craving.

Lady Hobson posted the picture and story to her Facebook, where it has 139,000 shares and 113,000 likes as of post time.

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