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Guy Captures Strange ‘Monster’ On Film That Was Stalking A Moose

A strange video has surfaced that claims to show some type of weird faceless monster stalking a moose in the Canadian wilderness.

Posted by Audrée TanguayFréchette, the video quickly went viral earlier this month. Fréchette was unable to explain what it was, but the internet was quick to point out that it looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings or a mythical creature known as a Rake.

Whatever (whoever) it is, the moose doesn’t seem too worried about them.

We’re guessing Fréchette was either in on a prank or someone scared him pretty good since it just looks it’s a person attempting to sneak up on a moose — that’s a really bad idea. Poor lighting and grainy footage tend to highly distort what we think we see. Since Fréchette was actually there, we’re guessing they could tell it was actually a person.

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