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Free swimming 100-pound yellowfin tuna gaffed on a dock on Islamorada

Any video that starts with "hold my beer and watch this" is going to be eventful.  In this case, it's also includes something that might only happen once in our lifetime.
It starts in Islamorada, Florida with Capt. Alex Hare of Destin, Florida's Silver King Charters.  Hare has been a full time charter captain since he turned 18 in 2009, and knows big fish.   "We catch marlin, tuna, dolphin and more," Hare says, "the blue water out of Destin is about 110-miles."
While sitting inside during a rain storm Hare and his group of friends noticed something.  "We could see a big fish swimming back and forth in the canal," he described.  "We thought it might be a tarpon chasing mullet. One neighbor thought it was a shark, another a barracuda."
They curiously walked down to check it out for themselves.  "It swam up to us on the dock and we knew exactly what it was, a yellowfin tuna."
As most true sportsmen they were now in it for the hunt. Could they possibly catch this out-of-place tuna?  And how?
Hare asked a boat owner for a gaff and some rope, and the owner said why not.  "I tied the rope to the gaff, got on my hands and knees, and the tuna swam right up to the dock! I stuck it right in the back, a perfect shot. From there we got the second gaff in it and knew we had it."
After the miraculous event happened, the fish was filleted and distrubuted to nearly 100 people who were there to see it happen.
"It must have been 12-15 families, everyone took some. We were filling up bags and everyone was happy. It was an amazing feeling for a once in a lifetime event."
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