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Crab Facing Certain Death Gets Help From a Surprising Source

You never know what’s going to happen in nature. Even when you think you do, a surprise can be lurking right around the corner.

This diver was in the middle of filming an epic fight between a red octopus and a swimmer crab during a late night dive. After nearly a minute of fighting, it looked like the octopus pretty much had this one in the bag. Unfortunately for the octopus, a harbor seal planned on having it for dinner and chose to strike just when it looked like all hope was lost for the crab.

It looks like the crab got lucky this time around…unless the seal came back for round two that is.

YouTube description:

“I’m a SCUBA diver and underwater photographer/ cinematographer based in Monterey, California. The conditions here are usually pretty touch and go in terms of clarity, but last week, we had an exceptional few days of 50 feet or more of visibility, paired with the arrival of countless fascinating gelatinous species. I was on my third dive of the day, and Patrick and I decided to go for an evening dive to one of our favorite spots along Cannery Row, called the Breakwater/ Metridium Fields. While diving, we were surprised by our friend, “Whiskers”, the harbor seal, who often shows up when we dive at night. Whiskers has learned to use our dive lights to help hunt fish, and having Whiskers show up is not an uncommon occurrence. After a while, Whiskers was gone and my eye caught some action going on to the left, and I realized that a red octopus was chasing a swimmer crab around the sand. I immediately split off to go investigate and film, and Patrick followed. It was a great battle until Whiskers showed back up”.

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