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Angry Grizzly Bear Charges Hunters — What Would You Do?

It’s a question people never want to have to find out the answer to firsthand — what would you do if a grizzly bear was charging you?

Unfortunately, if you’re ever in the outdoors in grizzly country, it’s a question you just might find the answer to at some point in your life.

Steven Rinella and Ryan Callaghan found out their answer when they ended up in a situation that had a very angry momma grizzly running at them.

A lot can be learned from how they handled themselves. They make noise and stand their ground with their guns at the ready. This is important because you want to make yourself known and audible in hopes to stop the bear from advancing.

While they did have their guns ready, they only used them when they realized the bear wasn’t going to stop on its own without some extra encouragement. Whether or not you have a gun or bear spray in this situation, it’s important to refrain from using it until it’s absolutely necessary. The last thing you want to do is waste your bullets or bear spray when a grizzly is coming at you.

Also, it’s up to personal preference, but Callaghan shows the importance of trash talk once the bear changes directions and runs away with one epic line.

“Smell us now, lady!”

The fact that he was able to string together a legible sentence with the amount of adrenaline pumping through his body is a feat in itself.

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