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100-MPH Broken for First Time by Outboard Engine-Powered Center Console

Nor-Tech’s Trond Schou (right) and Double-R’s Raymond Roberts ran the Nor-Tech Sport 390 CC (photo below) to more than 100 mph — making it the first ever outboard engine-powered center console to break the 100-mph barrier.


The boat-builder’s hail from Ontario, Canada, and created a 390 Sport CC powered by quad Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboards on jack plates. They didn’t just hit 100MPH, they consistently stayed above 100MPH per the onboard GPS.

“It was not a ‘flash’ of 100 mph,” Roberts told,  “It was a long pull with the GPS reading 100, 99, 101, 100 and so on. It hung there throughout the run. With five people on board, we got 98 mph in the run before that so we were pretty sure we’d get it.”

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