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VIDEO: Orphaned Baby Hippo And Rhino Become Inseparable Best Friends

Charlie the baby hippo and Makhosi the baby rhino may seem like an unlikely friendship, but that didn’t stop these two orphans from bonding and becoming inseparable. Although spending time together helped them both in a lot of ways, it caused Charlie to grow up believing he was a hippo.

Despite hoping he’d develop typical hippo behaviors, growing older didn’t seem to help him think he was any less of a rhino. Releasing him back into the wild seemed impossible.

That’s until Moomin, another hippo orphan, was introduced to him and they quickly bonded as Charlie learned to act like a hippo for the first time. But that doesn’t mean he forgot about his old friend Makhosi, as they still spend a lot of time together.

They still have a lot to learn, but Charlie has made a lot of progress that will hopefully lead to him returning to the wild one day.

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