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Tarpon fishing Boca Grande through the eyes of a drone (video)

I’ve always wanted to learn to fly a drone and attach a GoPro or similar camera to get a birds eye view while fishing.  I knew at some point it would be done.  Now, after seeing the results, it is by far a beautiful sight.  I hope this becomes a thing, and we see more of it in the future.

Boca Grande Tarpon Season Drone Footage June 2014 with Capt Ed Walker

“A day in the life of Ed walker sport fishing and his mate Nick, during the height of tarpon season. My first time filming tarpon fishing with the dji phantom 2 and my first time editing with final cut pro. I was pretty happy with the results, except I missed the only 2 shots of the fish that jumped. Hope you enjoy!” – from Thomas Scoggins on Vimeo.

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