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Spearfishing Giants Off Massive Bull Sharks is a Must See Video

Extreme outdoor Youtube spearfisher Courtland Hunt (see Glock-Fishing Lionfish) documents how spearfishing’s extreme athletes push the limits to make epic stories. In the opening scene, he alludes to being labeled a “thrill seeker” and suggests that maybe an urge to experience exciting activities often isn’t the worst condition to have.  While public perception is that sharks want to bite people he says “they’re fascinating creatures and when you’re down there surrounded they feel friendly and there’s no fear”, though he admits “that attitude changes with wounded fish struggling to the surface”. He says “teamwork is the key, one diver shoots a fish & the others take turns defending the fish back to the surface”.

All divers in the video are well-documented experienced athletes, including spearfisherwoman Valentine Thomas, Ryan Suits, Brian Davies, John Essick and can all be followed on Instagram. Courtland is the Chairman of the Florida Skin Divers Association’s “Salt Life Super-Series of Spearfishing” who’s 1st 2017 event, the Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge, is April 29th.
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