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Perfect Kill Shot of Monster Cobia From GoPro

At Outdoors360, we’re excited to offer first-person perspectives on some incredible outdoor experiences. Whether it’s world record fish like this Luke Ledbetter and Captain Peter Deeks monster speckled trout, an amazing hunt, or simply an unforgettable adventure, we’re all about the outdoors – and we’re all about changing the way you experience it online. This story is courtesy of Bill D’Antuono with the Naples Spearfishing League.. 

We finally got a break in the weather to head offshore to get some fish. We left from Marco Island at 9 am and we all had been anticipating our next offshore trip. We first hit a barge loaded with snapper and AJs. Alex and I tangled with a massive 50lb amberjack and ascended through the 64 degrees frigid Gulf water. Heading to our last spot we were dealing with a small front that brought 25mph winds and light rain. We dropped on the retired air-force tower around 2 pm and were greeted with a nice school of Cobia.

I rushed my first shot and hit the biggest one right under the pectoral fin. He would have given me the classic ‘Florida Sleigh ride’, but I had a kink in my shooting line, and the big fish broke me off like nothing. I ascended to grab my Riffe Mid-handle, which I’ve now dubbed the cobia killer due to its history of stoning these fish. After finishing off some nice mangrove snapper, I reloaded m gun and was looking for some more when I saw my original shaft and shooting line trailing behind the same cobia that had broken me off minutes before. I got as close as I could and made sure this shot was going to count. Boom!

He rolled over like something you can only dream of. My dive buddy and self-proclaimed spearfishing Jedi Alex was right there to witness it all go down. When I realized the cobia was incapacitated my adrenaline hit, and I celebrated 70′ underwater. Brought the fish up and called for the gaff. It still doesn’t seem real to have a fish that big and powerful rollover and go up without a fight. This is why I get in the water; this is why we do what we do. – Bill D’Antuono, Naples Spearfishing League.

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