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Florida Gets A Professional Spearfishing League

Over 50 years after holding their 1st Spearfishing tournament, the Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA) has announced the combination of multiple established tournaments throughout Florida into the Super-Series Spearfishing League giving relatively unknown Scuba-divers, Free-divers, and Teams a chance to compete in a national spotlight for prizes, sponsorships, and recognition like other outdoor-sports have created.

“Spearfishing is an incredibly extreme-sport with top athletes that deserved to be recognized like NASCAR or Bassmaster sportsman” says Courtland Hunt, FSDA Series-Chairman.

While fighting off sharks to get fish back to the boat may not be for everyone, the underwater-footage (Youtube “Spearfishing”) and dramatic fish weigh-in’s attract a lot of attention. Currently there are over 1,000 divers over 4 tournaments on the west-coast with talks of including many more within the next year.

“Like any major sport, Spearfishing has evolved from primitive gear and tactics to carbon-fiber guns and boats that put you 100 miles offshore before sunrise” says Denny O’Hern, FSDA President.

All events are non-profit with proceeds benefiting over a dozen charities. Currently the prize for “Top Team” is a full Boat-Wrap Graphic presented by Sign-Zoo Graphics and some events have individual cash prizes in excess of $15,000.

The 2016 Season kicks off April 8th with the Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge. See or for more details.

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