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13-Year-Old Catches 12-Pound Bass With His Dad

This teen blows his old personal best bass record out of the water

A father and son bass fishing trip ended with one heck of a trophy when the son caught a 12-pound lunker.

13-year-old Brody and his dad were fishing with YourLakeForkGuide Billy Lawson on Lake Fork when he snagged a bass worth catching.

It’s always a good day fishing if you manage to get out on the water and catch something. It’s even better when you break a personal best fish record.

Everyone knew Brody had a monster bass when they spotted its head and it didn’t disappoint.

Brody and his dad were ecstatic when they got the bass onboard the boat. The bass weighed in at 12-pounds, 2-ounces, so it’s easy to see why.

The fish ended up beating Brody’s old bass record by over 8 pounds.

He handled it like a pro and looked like he’d been catching fish like this his whole life.

They let the bass go after grabbing a few pictures and giving someone else the chance to catch it down the line.

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