A man noticed that a bobcat had started following him while he was taking his German shepherd for a walk early on Sunday morning. The bobcat ended up latching onto the dog and that’s the point where the video starts off at.

Two men can be seen trying to get the bobcat off the dog while the man who is filming is describing what is going down. The guy filming had apparently just run down one of the guys cars that he forgot to put in park when he jumped out to help the owner and his dog.

It’s actually the man who jumped out of his car who ends up getting bit by the bobcat. As soon as he gets bit, he whips the bobcat around in a circle before it lets go and runs off. It wasn’t the best reaction as it could cause more extensive damage to his hand.

The bobcat was killed due to its aggressive behavior and will be tested for rabies.

WARNING: Graphic Footage and Language

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