Attempting to rob a gun shop is about like pulling a gun on a cop – it’s not going to end well for you.

Two men found out the hard way that robbing a store that specializes in selling deadly firearms wasn’t in their best interest. They entered Dixie Gun and Pawn, in Mapleton, Georgia, at 11 a.m. and attempted a stickup. One of them never walked out of the store again.

The robbers had the upper hand for less than two seconds before a storm of bullets rained down on them, striking one while the other ran. The perpetrator who got shot died at the scene, according to Cobb County police.

The man who shot at the thieves was store owner Jimmy Groover. He will face no charges for his actions as they were in self-defense.

The other assailant fled on foot and has not been captured. Neither of the workers was injured and the case is still under investigation.

WARNING: Video Contains Graphic Content – A Guy Is Shot And Killed On Camera

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