We can’t say for sure if these guys are more crazy or compassionate, but we do know these two deer were lucky they came along and risked their own safety to help free them from themselves and the barbed wire they got stuck in.

Coming across a pair of locked bucks is a dangerous enough situation to give even the most experienced outdoorsman some serious hesitation. Throw in a barbed wire fence that they ran through and got caught in their antlers and you’re looking at one serious recipe for disaster.

The two men did some serious bobbing and weaving in order to avoid being impaled by the deer and from getting caught in the fence while attempting to free them, but they managed to get the first one free while the other remained caught. After continuing to put up a fight, the buck eventually settled down and allowed the men to help set it free.

There aren’t many who would’ve attempted what these men did. One wrong move could’ve meant serious injury or death but they still went in and got things done.

Farmers Untangle Bucks Who Were Stuck Together

Two deer were stuck together by their antlers until these people came along 👏👏👏

Posted by The Dodo on Friday, May 19, 2017

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