If you’re going to do something insane and potentially life-threatening, it might as well be with a buddy. While in Nazare, Portugal, Brazillian surfers Carles Burle and Rodrigo Koxa road a giant wave at the same time in the middle of a storm off Praia do Norte.

They didn’t initially intend to simultaneously ride the wave, but the results are absolutely amazing.

Surfers Perform Double Ride In Portugal

Remarkable footage of two surfers simultaneously riding a giant wave during the first big swell of the winter season in Nazare, Portugal. The video, captured by Portuguese videographer Pedro Miranda on October 21 off Praia do Norte, shows Brazilians Carles Burle and Rodrigo Koxa performing a rare “double ride” on a gigantic wave.

Posted by TIME on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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